Unique collections especially selected for the Architecture and Interior Design community as well as the residential Home owner.

CFA designs is a New York City company servicing the design industry in Manhattan and beyond, including abroad.

After many successful years assisting the most sophisticated clientele in the architecture, interior design and real estate development community on behalf of well established Italian manufacturers, Cinzia Fama Agnolucci founded CFA designs in the Spring of 2009.

CFA designs is the natural offshoot of Cinzia's passion for design, pursuit of the finest brands, and extensive industry knowledge.

Beautiful design requires research, study, time, knowledge, patience, vision, resilience, and much more.

Our pledge to our clients is commensurate effort, constant attention, deep understanding, and the assurance that if it can be done better, or more beautifully, we will do it.

Our doors are open to the lay home owner as well as the developer, architect and interior designer.

We will assist you to the extent that you desire, from full design development and project management to the mere implementation and successful installation of your own design.

Let our collections and your vision create new languages of your own, for your and everyone else's enjoyment.